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About Me

What do I feed my skin?  That's right, what does my skin eat??  That was a question I asked myself several years ago after I started on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I was paying attention to the labels on my food and eliminating products with ingredients I didn't like.  I eventually began to do the same with my skin care products.  I wasn't aware of the growing Maker Movement and felt my only option was to make my own products.

I read, researched, and read some more.  I finally worked up the nerve to make my first batch of cold process soap.  I was instantly addicted.  The fragrances, colors, lather, shapes--my options were limited only by my imagination.  I practiced, tested, reformulated, and practiced some more.  Eventually, my family and friends who were my testers actually wanted to buy my soap.  And what goes better with soap than lotion?  The learning process started all over again.  Who knew plants were just as good for the outside of your body as the inside?

And now I am committed to healthy skincare using minimally processed ingredients.  Everything is formulated to soothe, protect, moisturize, and hydrate skin--aloe, chamomile, shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oil just to name a few ingredients.

So what do you feed your skin?

Have a question?  Feel free to send me a message below.  Thank you for visiting!